Art that is alive, bursting with color and painted with unmistakable joy

Betty Lou Barry is a trained professional artist. Her career encompasses virtually every facet of art. Her work is regularly shown in galleries of fine art and she's the veteran of group & solo shows throughout the United States. The art that she creates makes you feel like you are part of the scene, not just a casual spectator. It draws you in with vibrant use of colors and subject matter. Whether it’s a detailed jungle scene or a flower market in France, her paintings grab you and hold your attention unlike any other artist you will find. Combining human subjects with flora and fauna,the most majestic of the animal world, decorative borders, and personal icons, she paints scenes with amazing detail and grace.

Photographic realism mingles with pattern. Symbols and reality meet a touch of fantasy. Transparencies, under glazes, and jewel-like colors take the breath away. Her mastery of light gives a luminous glow from inside the painting. All of these elements come together into dream-scapes that are powerfully evocative and enormously appealing. Her aim as an artist is to give each person a strong sensory uplift that will stay long after parting from the painting. Once you've seen her work you'll never quite forget it.

Contact Betty Lou by email or phone to purchase full size giclèe and certain original paintings. Visit the Gallery Shop offering selections of Miniature Paintings by Betty Lou Barry. These are original paintings reproduced to miniature size giclée art. You can view and buy impressive collection of artworks on the online gallery.